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Pasta Bolognese

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Wayfayer meals have long been a favourite backpack essential for outdoor enthusiasts. A wayfayer meal will sustain you no matter what youre doing whether youre climbing camping walking cycling sailing or just anywhere where theres a hunger for nutritious energy packed great tasting real food You can have confidence Wayfayrer will perform regardless of the conditions. The Wayfayrer range of outdoor meals are easy to carry simple to prepare and are developed to provide a convenient and nutritious complete meal solution for todays active outdoor enthusiasts. The carefully controlled cooking process provides customers with a meal that can be stored without the need of a fridge or freezer.

Each meal is delivered within a durable pouch that is designed to keep the product safe without the need for added preservatives. Being wet the meals have several advantages over dehydrated rations these being better texture improved consistency and superior taste. This is achieved by maintaining the products natural moisture level throughout the cooking process.Wayfayrer meals come in a range of breakfast main and desserts to tempt and satisfy the heartiest of appetites.

All the meals are ready cooked and only take 7 8 minutes to heat fully on the camping stove for a delicious hot meal anywhere.