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Navigation Techniques + Skills for Walkers

Navigation Techniques + Skills for Walkers

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Part of the Cicerone mini-guide series, this pocket guide will help improve your navigation skills and route finding confidence.

This is a great little guide for anyone who wants to explore the outdoors with a map and compass. This will arm you with the knowledge of how to confidently use a map and compass, and navigate effectively whatever the weather or terrain.  It also includes practise excercises to help hone navigational skills, whether a novice or an experienced navigator.

Pete Hawkins is a mountain leader and navigation trainer who has also written Map and Compass and Navigating with a GPS for Cicerone.

  • Why use a map & compass
  • Map essentials - Scales and grids
  • Symbols and contours
  • walking with a map and compass
  • Choosing a compass
  • Taking a bearing
  • Route planning
  • Night and bad weather navigation
  • GPS and computer mapping
  • Includes a free navigation aid/ romer tool