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Eco Gel Pouch Bio Ethanol (trangia) 200ml

Eco Gel Pouch Bio Ethanol (trangia) 200ml

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The Vango Fuel 200ml bio-ethanol gel fuel pouch is flexible, refillable, easy to carry and safe to use. The contents of this pouch will give you 60-90 minutes of burn time, and on average, 500 ml of water will boil in 7-10 minutes when using Vango Fuel.

The benefits of using over other liquid fuels such as meths include:

  • Smokeless
  • Non-pressurized
  • Non-spill
  • Long burning
  • Non-toxic
  • Instant high heat

Ethanol is made from any feed stock that has a good amount of sugar. The sugar is extracted, microbes are introduced and ethanol is produced.